Thursday, July 22, 2010

Going Green

Back from a fun and "cool" trip! I painted this apple with my friends...Everyone's turned out great! I just got a new camera...I am still learning about how it works. I am looking forward to better color and less glare! Keep your fingers crossed for me. Thanks!


  1. Hi, Lyn! Thanks for visiting my blog! I went through your whole blog! Funny, as I got closer and closer to the beginning I saw Carol Marine's influence in your work, then I saw that you had attended her workshop - me, too! As a matter of fact she's teaching a workshop at my studio next month! I go back to the principles of composition and edges over and over. You have a nice blog - enjoy 'surfing' around!

  2. Hey Lyn - I am looking forward to seeing you soon!! thanks for the note on my bloggy. how was the beach?
    many hugs...