Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Return to Blogging

10 minute challenge

Today a friend has encouraged me to return to blogging...thanks! In the past months I have taken a still life class with Stacy Barter and then a 3 day figure workshop....my still life paintings from class do not qualify as small paintings...actually painted one that is 24" x 24".... so no posts for them, and I just have one thing to say about figures...FUN but harder than flowers! Meanwhile I have been painting some of the Daily Paintworks weekly challenges. This daisy is one of those...The challenge was to paint the same object 8 times...using only 10 minutes for each painting. So some are not quite finished. The idea is that you improve with each one, the last being the best. I got a few that I liked but I am not sure that there was steady growth...1-4 are on the left panel and 5 - 8 on the right....You can be the judge!

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